Hello! My name is Kristina Orellana
I have 10+ years of experience in Visual Media Design and now I'm embarking on a new journey of the world of UI/UX Design.

I believe in the importance of branding and the brand message to internal employees as well as outside clients. I'm a stickler for good typography and love negative space! I have a passion for structure, working as a team, and having a good work/life balance. No matter where I go I can't turn off my "designer eyes" as I always try to conceptualize how I would refine and improve on a design by pushing the limits of my creativity. I love art and knew at a very young age that one day I would do what I love. Not a lot of people can say they love their career, but I do, IHEARTDESIGN.

I help businesses create amazing visual designs that will allow their company florish.

Something a little personal

I'm an avid Hip Hop dancer- I'm not on America's Best Dance Crew or So You Think You Can Dance, I just love to to move my little feet. I have been a faithful student at the best hip hop dance class in the BAY! FUNKMODE*PLUG* BUT NO REALLY, going on 7.5 years strong and loving every second of it. I also love to dance Salsa, Bachata, and Jazz I hope to learn the Argentine Tango one day!

I also really love making hand crafts and i'm always the first person to jump up and nominate myself for a project. My latest passion is making tutu's for little girls, they're absolutly adorable and fun to make.

Checkout my lastest projects

Checkout Cr8tive Studios

I love eveything artistic so I created a brand for all of my cr8tive endeavors!